July 2016 Update

It’s been almost two months since we submitted our public comments about the proposed restrictions on recreational dog walking in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). We thought you’d like to hear what’s been happening since then.

Public Comments Show Overwhelming Opposition to the Dog Rule
Thanks to your commitment to this issue, about 4,100 public comments were submitted to the National Park Service about the dog rule by the May 25th deadline. The comments were 3 to 1 against the rule. Once again the people of the Bay Area have spoken out saying we want to keep the GGNRA open to everyone—including people who recreate with their dogs. We expect the final dog rule to be released at the end of this year. Hopefully the Park Service will listen to our comments!

Amendment Proposed to Deny Federal Funding for Dog Rule
In other news, just this week we learned that the wonderful Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier introduced an amendment to the Department of the Interior Appropriations Act that would prevent the Park Service from using any funds allocated in the Appropriations Act to “finalize, implement, administer or enforce” the dog rule. It’s far from certain that the amendment will pass, but we hugely appreciate Congresswoman Speier’s efforts on behalf of Bay Area recreation!

Sign the Petition to Fire NPS Director Jon Jarvis
For years, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis has been a driving force behind GGNRA’s misguided dog plan. “I would rather give up these [GGNRA] properties than have dogs run loose on them” has been his mantra.  His top-down, anti-dog agenda has been one of the main reasons we’ve had to fight so hard to keep a mere 1% of GGNRA open to recreational dog walking.

Now Jarvis is in hot water due to his failure to address serious ongoing sexual harassment and hostile work environment violations at locations including the Grand Canyon National Park and Cape Canaveral National Seashore (Lawmakers Charge Park Service Chief Oversees Culture of Sexual Harassment, The Washington Post).  These scandals come on the heels of his own ethics violations (Park Service Chief Reprimanded after Admittedly Ignoring Ethics Rules, The Washington Times). And let’s not forget Jarvis’s failure to reprimand NPS employees who were caught deliberately omitting and misrepresenting scientific data in environmental impact analyses of Drakes Bay Estero at Point Reyes National Seashore.

If this weren’t bad enough, Jarvis has championed a new regulation that for the first time in NPS history would aggressively promote the selling of corporate naming rights and logo placement in our national parks and recreation areas to the highest corporate bidders (US National Parks Funding Woes: Budget Shortfalls Drive Unpopular Proposals To Allow Commercial Logos, International Business Times).  Muir Woods brought to you by Disney. Or how about Crissy Field brought to you by Chevron?

Enough is enough. Rather than wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on restricting recreational dog walking in a recreation area, we need an NPS Director who has the moral compass and leadership to tackle serious and pervasive agency issues such as sexual harassment.  Please join Save Our Recreation in supporting this petition.

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