March 20, 2017: NPS Private Email Scandal Grows

Taking on the federal government is a David vs Goliath struggle.

But in the case of our efforts to save dog walking in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, we underdogs are giving Goliath a serious run for his money.

Because of our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the National Park Service, we obtained emails and other documents that in early January caused the Park Service to indefinitely delay its planned dog restrictions. But those were just the beginning.

Last week, posted documents received from the National Park Service showing that not one, but multiple National Park Service staff, including two former Superintendents, used their private email accounts to hide their collusion with organizations that backed the Park Service’s plan to severely restrict recreational dog walking.

Read the press release.

Spanning from 2011 to 2016, the private account emails show Park Service officials’ extensive behind-the-scenes coordination with a handful of special interest groups that oppose dog walking. GGNRA helped the groups lobby elected officials and develop media strategies. These actions may have violated the law.

Click here to see the new emails.

Right now the Park Service is conducting an internal investigation into its staff’s use of private email. Congresswoman Jackie Speier is calling for an independent investigation by the Department of the Interior’s Inspector General and for the National Park Service to rescind the dog plan entirely due to this tainted process.

But so far the dog rule is only on hold – it has not been officially withdrawn by the Park Service. Please help us permanently halt the dog rule by donating to our efforts today.

Donate to help us stop the dog rule once and for all!

Thanks to all who have submitted public comments, attended meetings and rallies, and donated to our efforts. Because of you, we’re still walking with our dogs in the places we love in the Bay Area!

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